About me

I am a cellist and writer. I have been traveling round the world for the last 10 years playing music in all sorts of weird and wonderful situations. With Cantopop stars to Folk music in Morocco to busking in the streets of Paris.

The photo of me up there is of me at 19 somewhere in a valley near Valencia, living in a village of bohemian musicians and self sufficient hippies. I still don’t quite know, for the life of me where I was. I just bundled myself and my cello into someone’s van at the promise of seeing some rural Spain and free room and board if I taught them the cello.

I’m 32 now, old right? And I wish I had started blogging right there and then in Spain. Those adventures will forever be stored in the dark caves in my head. But now time to start sharing some of my musical adventures because really…I’m never gonna be too old for another adventure!